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Recent Media Stories on the Sanders Portrait Symposium and Sale

Following upon the November 28, 2013 Symposium “Look Here Upon this Picture: A Symposium on the Sanders Portrait of Shakespeare”, held at the Munk Centre, University of Toronto, a number of media outlets have released stories or done full-length radio shows about the Sanders Portrait:

Canadian family to buy portrait at centre of Shakespeare art mystery (Globe & Mail)

Faces of Our Ancestors a Reflection of Ourselves (Guelph Mercury)

The Sanders Portrait of Shakespeare: Interviews and Discussion (CFRU Radio featuring Andrew Bretz, Daniel Fischlin, John Kissick, and Diane Nalini)

CBC: The Morning Edition (December, 2013 with Craig Norris)

Social Media on Storify (December 2013)

As It Happens (CBC December 16, 2013)

SANDERS PORTRAIT Duration: 00:06:53
Members of the Sullivan family were sure they were living with William Shakespeare. The problem was convincing anyone else.The Sullivans were the owners of what they believed to be the one and only true portrait of Shakespeare, painted by an ancient relative. But it was tough to know what exactly to do with the treasure.Lloyd Sullivan has been fighting for decades to prove to the world his painting is indeed an authentic likeness of the great writer. Many experts now agree that the Sanders Portrait is indeed Shakespeare — but either way, it’s a battle Lloyd will no longer have to fight: a deal is being brokered for the sale of the painting to an unknown Canadian buyer.We reached Lloyd Sullivan at his home in Ottawa.

Canadian-owned painting purported to be only life-likeness of Shakespeare changing hands  (Steve Mertl, Yahoo News Canada)

Shakespeare portrait sale has major U of G connection (Guelph Mercury, December 16, 2013)

Canadian man said to own only portrait of Shakespeare (The Ontarian, December 5, 2013)

Conference Explores Origins of Shakespeare Portrait (Andrew Vowles, January 16, 2014)

CASP publishes the Virtual Shakespeare Made in Canada Exhibit (VSMIC)

The Shakespeare–Made in Canada Virtual Exhibit is a media-rich online version of the Shakespeare–Made in Canada exhibition that was hosted by the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre from January to June 2007. Based on research conducted by the Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project (CASP) at the University of Guelph created by Dr. Daniel Fischlin, the Shakespeare–Made in Canada exhibition was a unique imnitiative sponsoired by the Office of the President at the University of Guelph, and supported by a wide range of community partnerships.

The SMIC Virtual Exhibit offers an in-depth exploration of contemporary Canadian adaptations in theatre, pop media, and visual arts, through a diverse collection of visual media. The Shakespeare–Made in Canada exhibit brought together, for the first time, hundreds of rare artifacts, including the Canadian-owned Sanders portrait, contemporary Canadian theatre designs, Shakespeare in French Canada, First Nations/Aboriginal adaptations of Shakespeare, new Canadian portraiture, a Shakespeare Learning Commons for youth, as well as archival materials from the Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project, the L.W. Conolly Theatre Archives (University of Guelph), and the Stratford Festival of Canada.

To access the Virtual exhibit, click on the following link: