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Teaching Resources

The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project (CASP) is the first research project of its kind, devoted to the systematic exploration and documentation of they ways in which Shakespeare has been adapted into a national, multicultural theatrical practice.  Hosting the largest Shakespeare-related website in the world, CASP collects and publishes a unique Online Anthology of Shakespearean adaptations, interviews with actors, directors and writers, critical writing, and a rich collection of multimedia resources.  The CASP website has quickly become a valuable resource in post-secondary classrooms across Canada and internationally.  Adaptations are a great way of introducing students to the themes and issues of Shakespeare’s plays.

Coming this fall, the CASP Shakespeare Learning Commons will feature Teachers’ Guides for secondary school classrooms based on CASP’s online resources.  These guides, which have been developed in cooperation with local curriculum consultants, will cluster and interpret Shakespearean adaptations and adaptation scholarship for high school learners.  For more information, and an announcement of the launch of the Shakespeare Learning Commons, please watch the CASP News site this Fall:

Classroom Enrichment Opportunity

The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project (CASP) at the University of Guelph is offering local secondary school teachers a preview of the Virtual Shakespeare Learning Commons.  This project aims to cluster research and archival material from the CASP website and present it in Teachers’ Guides for secondary school students.  These Teachers’ Guides work to complement curricular goals by addressing key themes, issues and devices from Shakespeare’s plays via exciting new Canadian Adaptations.

Local secondary school classrooms have the opportunity to host a university English and Theatre Studies student volunteer to present activities based on CASP’s virtual archives.  These activities can be tailored to the curriculum (plays, themes, learning strategies) and scheduling (one visit or several) needs of each class.

If you are interested in hosting a student in your classroom, please contact Mat Buntin at


Listserve mailing to SETS students:

Volunteer Opportunities in High School English Classes

The Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project (CASP) is coordinating volunteer opportunities for S.E.T.S. students who are interested in gaining high school teaching experience.  Local high school teachers are being offered the opportunity to host a UofG English or Theatre student as a volunteer to present new learning strategies being developed by CASP.  UofG students will be given access to CASP’s Teachers’ Guides and matched with a high school classroom that is studying relevant material.

Time commitment and scheduling is completely flexible – to be arranged between UofG students and their high school placement.  Support from CASP will include an introduction to the CASP Virtual Shakespeare Learning Commons (to be launched in the fall), activities and resources that are tailored to the placement’s curriculum and access to multimedia resources for classroom presentations.

Please contact Mat Buntin at

Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project  –

Wordsmyth Theatre presents its inaugural production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, adapted for four actors by David Matheson.

April 19th – April 30th, Wednesday – Sunday, 8pm start time, Sunday matinee 2pm.

Equity Showcase Theatre, 651 Dufferin Street.

Tickets: $15 regular / $12 Students, Sunday matinees: Pay What You Can.

Tickets available at the door.

Innovative, imaginative, intense, Julius Caesar is the debut production of Wordsmyth Theatre.  In this fast-paced adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, four actors bring an empire in crisis to life.  A war is waged between ambition and conscience; the bonds of loyalty and friendship are tested; and hidden desires and self-deception lead to a fall from grace.  Incorporating theatrical masks and a zest for language, Wordsmyth’s Julius Caesar heralds a fresh voice in Toronto’s vibrant theatre community.

Wordsmyth is an artist run theatre ensemble, believing in the ability of the spoken word to ignite the imagination. The rehearsal process includes an intense study of the text followed by exploration of images through mask.  The ensemble is committed to mounting high quality, professional, sophisticated work that is honest, compelling, and passionate.

Wordsmyth Theatre is composed of York University grads Christine Horne, Josh Jacobson, David Matheson, Andrea Mittler and Craig Stanghetta.  Julius Caesar features Josh Jacobson as Brutus, Craig Stanghetta as Cassius, and Christine Horne as Antony.  David Matheson directs, with Set and Costume Design by Andrea Mittler.


Media Contact

David Matheson

Artistic Director, Wordsmyth Theatre

3-778 Broadview Avenue

Toronto, ON

M4k 2P7

416 465 5123