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Gayanashagowa: The Great Law of Peace August 15-26

Author: Gravy Bath Productions and the Montreal Young Company
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 15:43:06 EST

If you would like to interview Anthony Kokx or any of the cast or design team- Media Contact: Janis Kirshner (514) 287-8912

For Immediate Release
July 2006 Montreal

Gravy Bath Productions and the Montreal Young Company’s New Classical Theatre Festival presents

Gayanashagowa: The Great Law of Peace August 15-26
In rep with
Au-delà de la Ville August 16-26
Written and directed by Anthony Kokx
At Studio Hydro-Québec (Monument-National) 1182 St?Laurent

Gravy Bath Productions are back, in collaboration with the Montreal Young Company, with two new shows, Gayanashagowa and Au-delà de la ville, by writer and director Anthony Kokx. Created with 25 actors playing in rep, one show in English and one in French, GB and MYC are continuing to add to their already impressive catalogue of innovative, striking productions with their most ambitious project to date. With only seven performances each, these two exciting shows kick off the New Classical Theatre Festival.

“Two Nations, both alike in dignity; here, on these fair grounds where we lay our scene.”
Gayanashagowa: The Great Law of Peace is a new, highly theatrical interpretation of the timeless and universal love story of Romeo and Juliet. Continuously striving to stretch the existing, traditional practices of theatre, Gravy Bath uses their own inventive visual language of storytelling to create an ageless, suggestive world where both sides stand opposed, co-existing on the same land, yet living worlds apart. With the help of consultant Kevin John Saylor, Artistic Director of the Katari Performing Arts Centre in Kahnawake, Anthony Kokx has stripped Shakespeare’s play of its text and used the structure to create this clash of cultures. Kokx expresses the currency of the piece; “We often feel our neighbouring Native culture is so different from our own- physically close, yet foreign. In truth, our philosophies are not the great schism we might think.”

A love letter to Montreal in all its confusion, heartache, joy, humour and humanity.
Au-delà de la ville is a ballet of chaos, an exploration of the rhythms of city life. This is the story of a man stuck in the middle of everyone else’s story, trying to position himself between the districts of success, happiness, predictability and idleness. By seeing the city as a person, our wanderer balances his relationship with these societies and finds himself ‘above and beyond the city’ (au-delà de la ville) in a play that delves into a world of narcissism, theatre and la ville. The cast of 25 bilingual actors creates a whirlwind of staged pictures and reflects the audience back as in a mirror. Everyone will be able to recognize themselves in Au dela de la ville.

Gayanashagowa and Au-delà de la ville written and directed by Anthony Kokx; designed by Paul Chambers (lights, set) and Kerri Strobl (costumes); music composed (Au-delà de la ville) and performed (both) by Mark Bond; assistant directed by Danielle Skene. Both shows created and performed by Rick Bel, Yann Bernaquez, Sarah Bilodeau, Camille Birch, Sam Croitoru, Lorena D’Andrea, Kim Doucet, David Gagnon, Angela Galuppo, Stephanie Greer, Oliver Koomsatira, Colin Lalonde, Alex McCooeye, Gilda Monreal, Chris Moore, Jesse Nerenberg, Richard Orlando, Denise Paquet, Lindsay Pierre, Matthew Raudsepp, Kareem Richardson, Stefan Rollins, Dustin Ruck, Amy Sobol and Aaron Turner.

Gayanashagowa: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 8:00pm, Sunday 2:00pm
Au-delà de la Ville: Wednesdays & Fridays 8:00pm, Saturdays 2:00pm, Sunday 7:00pm

Tickets 514.871.2224

About the Festival
The New Classical Theatre Festival is a dynamic factor in the renaissance of Montreal theatre. It is where ideas and ambition grow and flourish into fully developed live performances. Fresh, new voices are presented in venues in the heart of downtown Montreal. For four weeks, the most innovative minds of Montreal’s vibrant, independent theatre scene get a welcomed chance to explore style, language, theatrics, convention and form. Like all innovation, the artists involved draw inspiration from the classics, whether it is with text, structure, content or simply good storytelling. What emerges is groundbreaking work challenging our audiences and pushing the parameters of our imaginations into the unknown. These companies of actors, designers and directors are forging a dramatic approach to theatre that “makes the mind sing and the soul glow for the future of theatre – not just in English, not just in Montreal, but everywhere.” (Gaetan L. Charlebois, The Gazette)

Gravy Bath Productions is an independent theatre company dedicated to the creation of original works, re-interpretation of important classical texts and the exploration of new theatrical styles. The company is constantly evolving and exploring, searching for new ways to tap into the Theatre of the Imagination.

Founded by Bill Glassco, the Montreal Young Company’s aim is to fortify young artists’ belief in their calling, dedication to their craft, sense of professional integrity and standards of excellence.

The New Classical Theatre Festival presented by

Gravy Bath Productions and the Montreal Young Company
in association with
Mainline Theatre and Theatre Ste-Catherine.
August 15th to September 9th 2006
Five shows, four venues
Gayanashagowa, Au-delà de la ville, Last Call, Gross Indecency, Hamlet (solo)

The Media Call with excerpts from Gayanashagowa and Au-delà de la ville (along with upcoming show Last Call) will be held on Monday, August 14 at 11:00 a.m. at the Monument National. This is an opportunity for camera footage, still photography and interviews. Please confirm your presence by Wednesday, August 9.

MEDIA CONTACT: Janis Kirshner: 514.287.8912

NCTF is generously sponsored by: Conseil des arts de Montreal, Dana Classic Fragrances,
Wideyed Design, Sol’eau Massage, Liaison Can/U.S., 1milk2sugars Communications,
Quebec Drama Federation and

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